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Industrial Application of Nuclear Technology
June 22, 2020
Women in Nuclear Science
June 28, 2020
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iNuclear Webchat Notice

Hi, everyone, the second webinar hosted by iNuclear is scheduled for this weekend. This time, we have the honor to invite three female doctors in the field of nuclear science. They will join us on Saturday 27th of June to engage in a web chat on various topics from experience sharing to opportunities available for women in the field of nuclear science. First, let’s meet the three guests and the host.


Florencia Renteria is from Mexico, currently, she’s studying her PhD in Nuclear Science and Technology in China (2019-2023) at Harbin Engineering University (HEU) in the specialty of Advanced Reactor Physics.
Florencia Renteria来自墨西哥,目前正在哈尔滨工程大学(HEU)攻读核科学与技术的博士学位,她所研究的方向是先进反应堆物理。
Priscilla Obeng Oforiwaa is from Ghana. Currently a PhD student in Nuclear Science and Technology with a distinct focus on Nuclear Emergency Response and Radiation Protection at Tsinghua University , Department of Engineering Physics.
Priscilla Obeng Oforiwaa来自于加纳。现在清华大学工物系攻读核科学与技术的博士学位,重点研究核应急与辐射防护。
Celestine Segbefia is from Ghana. Currently, she is a PhD student at Mississippi State University. Her research interest is Nuclear Physics with a focus on low energy Physics.”
Celestine Segbefia来自加纳,现在她正在密西西比州立大学攻读博士学位。她研究的方向是核物理中的低能物理。


Jayeola Mathew is from Nigeria. Now he is a PhD student of Nuclear Science and Technology from Harbin Engineering University. Area of specialization: Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics.
Jayeola Mathew来自尼日利亚。现为哈尔滨工程大学核科学与技术专业博士研究生。专业领域:核热工水力学。

Detailed Information

The meeting will start at 2:00 p.m. this Saturday, Beijing time. With zoom ID 2602836549. Kindly scan QR code to join the group.We are looking forward to your joining!See the poster attached for meeting details!!!会议将于北京时间本周六下午两点开始,届时您可通过扫描上方图片中的二维码或者手动输入Zoom ID的方式加入会议,期待您的加入

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