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November 16, 2019
Women In Nuclear…Are we safe?
December 6, 2019
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Inuclear Partakes In Maiden Event

Last night, the inuclear team were privileged to be a talker for SEM workshop entitled "Clarifying Misconceptions about AI and new Energy usage where the Inuclear team talked on theme "Clearing misconceptions about nuclear Science" at @Tsinghua University. Team leader addressed misconceptions such "Nuclear all about bombs", Can a nuclear reactor explode like a nuclear bomb?, " Nuclear Energy is bad for the environment" and a very common misconception people have about women in the nuclear industry- Women in the nuclear cannot give birth...haha.....more light was thrown on various technological applications of nuclear which can be seen in the Agriculture sector, industrial usage, medicine, etc.
The panel discussion also focused on issues such as nuclear waste management and the role of the nuclear industry in educating the public. It was concluded that, in the fight against climate change, nuclear energy cannot be ruled out. iNuclear's aim which set out as going beyond misconceptions and educating the public was outdoored. Thanks to italk team for a successful event
Writers: Priscilla Oforiwaa & Yvonne Sefakor
Editors: Priscilla Oforiwaa & Samuel Ansong
Designer : Zhang Chao & Zhang Jing
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