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November 7, 2019
Radiation and Food, Perfect combination?
November 8, 2019
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Information Nuclear!!! Should I be afraid? Interestingly, Life is all about SCIENCE!!

Many people from all walks of life never pause their busy lives to ponder on the technical source of the things they use on daily basis. However, they assume that these things be it products, safe food processing techniques, sources of electricity are secure. People who do not find themselves in the nuclear field hardly have discussions concerning the nuclear industry. As a result, they are ignorant of the amazing diversity of how nuclear technology are used. The responsibility falls on the industry to provide a creative way to help people understand and appreciate the critical role nuclear technology plays in our lives.
People all over the world deserve access to the many advantages of nuclear technology, but safety issues need to be addressed. To this end, as it has done for decades, the international nuclear industry will work to improve transparency, exchange information, and learn from good practice and increase public trust in the efficacy of the safety practices of the industry

Nuclear technology applications are more than merely providing safe, low-carbon energy. It also has life-saving medical applications; enhances manufacturing, mining, transportation and agriculture; and lets us find out more about the planet on and how we can live with it sustainably. Without the contribution of nuclear technology, modern society could not work (Yes, That’s true!). There would be no smoke detectors in our homes and offices. Bridges would not carry weight as reliably, planes would not travel as securely, there will be continued pipe leaks, and more of our friends and neighbors would suffer from undiagnosed heart disease and untreated cancers.
iNuclear is an information platform to make nuclear knowledge accessible to all (global) to clear misconceptions at the same time encouraging young females to develop interest to pursue careers in the nuclear field (Especially in African Countries). This page highlights on our weekly articles and activities…Watch out for more interesting contents
Writers: Priscilla Oforiwaa & Yvonne Sefakor
Editors: Priscilla Oforiwaa & Samuel Ansong
Designer : Zhang Chao & Zhang Jing
iNuclear: Information you can’t live without!!

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