Team teaching – team learning towards a sustainable world

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Team teaching – team learning towards a sustainable world

Through the life of education and working experience, we might meet colleagues, friends, professors and mentors that will encourage us to keep learning and developing our knowledge and abilities as future leaders in the discipline we want to grow our career.

In particular, in our Nuclear Industry proactivity, discipline, commitment, honesty, creativity and positive attitude will help us to solve the current and future challenges. Especially working in a team is important to share your thoughts and combine the ideas of your colleagues to come out with the best strategies. For example, to reach the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) that were established by the United Nations (UN) in its 2030 agenda.

How Nuclear Industry contributes to SDGs? Nuclear shares the objective to provide affordable and clean energy. Access to affordable, reliable and clean energy is crucial for achieving SDGs from eradicating poverty through advancing health and education, facilitating industrial growth and reducing greenhouse emissions. Nuclear Power with other technologies can provide the energy to ultimately accomplish high living standards, good health, a clean environment and a sustainable economy.

One of the first thoughts that should come to your mind when you enter to the Nuclear Industry Field is Globalization because around the world more people working in Nuclear Programs and sharing information and best practices of working experience. Nuclear Industry combines several fields like engineering background, politics, laws, communication, education and science to create and deploy nuclear technology around the world and spread its benefits

Through the promotion of International Cooperation projects and initiatives people can share their experience and what are they doing or providing a way to the future generations of how to work together towards a sustainable world. Just to name some great examples are the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC), World Nuclear University (WNU), Women in Nuclear (WiN), Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future NICE Future , International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC) and iNuclear. All these initiatives, projects and organizations are working to develop a high level of technology and education.

We have seen how during this COVID-19 pandemic how Nuclear Industry is prepared to face more challenges and we have seen the importance of emerging more Nuclear Programs with the aim of global decarbonization.

One of the objectives of nuclear energy is to achieve easing daily life through access to energy. The modern energy improves many areas of daily life. It provides better sanitation systems, well-functioning health care and education services, and dependable transportation and telecommunications depending on reliable electricity.

My last words are to keep a positive mind and take into consideration that your abilities and knowledge will help this industry and world to make a better place.
Continue growing your career and share your wisdom and experience with your community to motivate them daily and never give up in the mission that we are working together.

About the author

 Florencia Renteria is from Mexico and she completed her Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering in Mexico (2016) at Instituto Tecnologico de la Laguna. She continued he Master’s studies in Nuclear Power Plant Engineering in South Korea (2017-2019) at KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS). Currently, She’s studying her PhD in Nuclear Science and Technology in China (2019-2023) at Harbin Engineering University (HEU) in the specialty of Advanced Reactor Physics. She’s a member of Win Global  from WiN Mexico and fellow participant from Summer Institute Program 2019 from WNU.

Her area of expertise in Nuclear Industry is Nuclear Core design. Since 2017 She has been participating in the Technical Cooperation fellowship programs at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for Supporting Nuclear Power Infrastructure Capacity Building in Member States Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power.

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