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  • The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) wants to use advanced small modular reactor (SMR) technology as part of a future expansion at the port in northern New Brunswick, and says an ARC-100 providing energy for hydrogen production and other industries could be in operation by 2030-2035.
  • Existing boreholes at the Rosemanowes quarry in Cornwall, southwest England, have been successfully sealed by Nuclear Waste Services in a demonstration of the technology it plans to use to seal boreholes drilled during the search to find a suitable location for a Geological Disposal Facility in the UK.
  • Sharm El-Sheikh marked the first time the global nuclear community had a large pavilion in the Blue Zone, at the heart of COP27, writes World Nuclear Association Director General Sama Bilbao y León.
  • The UK is to invest GBP679 million (USD815 million) and become a 50% partner with EDF in the Sizewell C nuclear project. The money "allows for China General Nuclear's exit from the project, including buy-out costs, any tax due and commercial arrangements".
  • A large tunnelling machine has begun drilling the sloped spiral ramp of the Beishan Underground Research Laboratory near Jiuquan City in China's Gansu province. The laboratory – in the Gobi Desert – will comprise the spiral ramp, three vertical shafts and horizontal disposal galleries.
  • The President of the International Youth Nuclear Congress, Lena Andriolo, on what young people can bring to the nuclear sector.
  • India's Minister of State Jitendra Singh has called for the country's private sector companies and start-ups to take part in the development of small modular reactor technology. The minister's comments were made in an address to a workshop on SMRs held by the government's NITI Aayog policy think-tank.
  • A consortium comprising EDF UK R&D, the UK Atomic Energy Authority, the University of Bristol and Urenco has been awarded GBP7.7 million (USD9.3 million) in funding from the UK's Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to develop a hydrogen storage solution.
  • A newly signed tripartite agreement broadens the scope of the collaboration between Orano Mining and its Uzbek partners and lays the foundations for the development of new uranium mines in Uzbekistan.
  • The Russian president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov denied Ukrainian suggestions that Russian forces were preparing to withdraw from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.