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  • The Tennessee Valley Authority is to provide engineering, operations and licensing support to help Kairos Power deploy its Hermes low-power demonstration reactor at the East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge, Tennessee under a newly announced collaboration agreement between the two companies.
  • Many challenges have to be faced in maintaining safety over the long term in a damaged nuclear power plant following a severe accident, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency notes in a new status report. The report reviews knowledge and experience gained through long-term management of the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi accidents, by […]
  • Ringhals AB and Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB each issued an Urgent Market Message to the Nord Pool power exchange yesterday morning about the potential risk of Ringhals units 3 and 4 and Forsmark units 1, 2 and 3 being unable to restart following scheduled outages – in 2024 (F2), 2025 (R3-4, F3), and 2028 (F1) – […]
  • The recent assessment by the EU's scientific body, the Joint Research Centre, that nuclear energy does no more harm to human health or the environment than any other power-producing technology considered to be sustainable may be a sign of the green stamp of approval needed for the inclusion of nuclear in the EU Taxonomy on […]
  • A mismatch between the world's climate ambitions and the availability of critical minerals could mean a slower and more expensive energy transition, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. The Paris-based organisation describes its special report, The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions, as the most comprehensive global study to […]
  • The first multi-purpose canister containing fuel has been loaded into a HI-STORM FW module and placed into the new on-site used fuel dry storage facility at Brazil's Angra nuclear power plant, Holtec International has announced. This marks the official start of the storage facility's planned 50 years of operation as well as the first use […]
  • The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved an application by Dominion Energy's Virginia subsidiary for a 20-year extension to the operating licences of the twin-unit Surry nuclear power plant. This will enable the two pressurised water reactors to operate until 2052 and 2053, respectively. 
  • Ukrainian nuclear power plant operator Energoatom has called on lawmakers to repeal a resolution recently passed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and restore the previous Public Service Obligation mechanism in the country's electricity market until the end of June. Parliamentarians should "analyse in detail", the state-run company said, "who, how and in whose […]
  • The Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board has produced a report on how the Department of Energy can develop a robust, safe and effective nuclear waste management programme for the USA, including laying the groundwork for a successfully implemented geological repository. It says the lack of progress on developing and operating a geologic repository impedes the […]
  • The goals of the Generation IV International Forum – and the six reactor types that are its focus – remain as important today as they have always been, speakers at an international panel discussion held to mark the organisation's 20th anniversary agreed. Looking to the future, demonstration should become a focus to drive forwards to […]